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Softube Console 1 MK2 mikser kontroler

Šifra: Softube Console 1 MK2
Blagovna znamka: Softube
Zaloga: dobavljivo po naročilu
Redna cena: 500,00 €
400,00 €
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Softube Console 1 MK2 mikser kontroler

Softube Console 1 MK2 mikser kontroler

Mikser kontroler s priloženo programsko opremo za Solid State Logic SL 4000 E in UAD podporo.

Softube’s Console 1 MKII is an integrated hardware/software mixing solution that brings the feel of a real console to your DAW

You have physical control over all aspects of the channel strip with the rugged, compact USB-powered hardware controller. In fact, with the Console 1 MKII software you can mix your entire project without ever looking at your computer screen.

Modern Workflow

The Console 1 MK2 hardware gives you hands-on control of EQ, compressor, gate, volume and pan on all your tracks. No MIDI mapping is needed—the hardware is tightly integrated with the Console 1 software, straight out of the box.

Timeless Sound

Pamper your tracks with the sound of the legendary Solid State Logic SL 4000 E console—probably the most used high end console in the history of music recording. Softube’s emulation was developed in close collaboration with SSL, and it’s included with the purchase of Softube Console 1 MK2.

Expand Your Options

Customize your channels with any of the over 60 available Console 1 ready plug-ins from Softube and Universal Audio. Mix and match units from Chandler Limited, Fairchild, Teletronix, Tube-Tech, Abbey Road Studios and many others. Pre-mapped and ready to go.

A Lifetime of Mixing

Softube Console 1 is a premium Swedish design, built to last for many years of mixing. Its steel chassis makes it solid as a rock, and the knobs and buttons have the responsiveness and feel you’d expect from a high end analog console.

Add More Consoles

In addition to single Softube Console 1 MK2 ready plug-ins, there are entire Console 1 MK2 channel strips available, with EQ, compressor, gate and modeled saturation from the original analog hardware. Currently, the options are Solid State Logic XL 9000 K-Series for Console 1, British Class A For Console 1 and Summit Audio Grand Channel for Console 1, with more to come.

Control Your DAW

Softube Console 1 Mk2 works with any major DAW on the market. But certain DAWs—currently Presonus Studio One and Cakewalk SONAR—feature additional integration, meaning you can use the Console 1 hardware to control vital DAW functions such as track selection, volume, send levels, pan and solo/mute. We aim to have this functionality added for all DAWs.

And the Winner Is …

The first-generation Console 1 was an immediate success and did not only receive prestigious awards and praise from the pro audio press—but more importantly, the end users loved it. Even seasoned engineers such as Michael Brauer, Jason Goldstein, Dave Isaac and Gareth Jones took the system to their hearts.

softube console mk2
softube console mk2

In Short Softube Console 1 MK2

  • A unique centerpiece for any DAW based studio
  • Included model of Solid State Logic SL 4000 E console
  • Expand the system with over 60 Console 1 ready plug-ins from Softube and Universal Audio
  • No mouse, no mapping, no hassle
  • Premium quality hardware
  • Mk II version offers same quality at a more affordable price

Time for Apollo owners to get themselves a Console 1. If you own an Apollo interface, you will now be able to switch modes within the Console 1 on-screen display and affect preamp gain, volume, pan, send levels, plug-ins and more in UAConsole.

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