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Murat Diril 14" Speckled Mosaic hihat

Blagovna znamka: Murat Diril
Redna cena: 436,00 €
392,40 €
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Murat Diril 14" Speckled Mosaic hihat

Feast your eyes and ears upon these unlathed, hand-buffered cymbals, and be amazed at their incredibly powerful projection. And take time, as you play, to savour the unique dark frequencies that make our beautiful Mosaic Series so versatile from pop to jazz to fusion.

History of Murat Diril Cymbals

Murat Diril is a new cymbal name to most drummers, but a company and manufacturer with lots of history and experience in crafting high quality cymbals. Murat Diril - the head of the company - is a Turkish born drummer who learnt his craft from the cymbal smith Mehmet: owner of the Istanbul cymbal company.

After learning cymbal manufacturing techniques and craftsmanship from one of the greats, cymbals became Murat's passion. He experimented with cymbal design and hammering technique to try and discover new sounds. In 2000 Murat decided to start his own cymbal company and took his knowledge and skills to other cymbal companies to work with them to design new sounds and cymbal ranges.

Meinl was the first cymbal company approached and the new cymbal collaboration designed the Meinl Byzance, one of Meinl's top cymbals and world renowned. After Meinl Byzance success Murat joined forces with Paiste to create the Paiste Twenty series in 2007. Once again a top end cymbal with massive success all around the globe.

With 22 years of experience and experiments Murat Diril launched his own cymbals under his own name. The cymbals speak for themselves and offer high quality cymbals for an affordable price. The cymbals are striking to look at and are very flexible due to a different manufacturing process to other brands of cymbal. Come and try them in store to hear how they sound for yourself!

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