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Rockcase RC 23020SA Effect Pedal Kovček

Rockcase RC 23020SA Effect Pedal Kovček

Redna cena:169,00€
Prikazana je cena s popustom, ki velja ob spletnem naročilu ali plačilu z gotovino na blagajni. V ceno je vključen 22% DDV. Če ste kje na slovenskem spletu zasledili ceno, nižjo od naše, nam to sporočite. Potrudili se bomo biti najcenejši.

Rockcase RC 23020SA Effect Pedal Kovček


  • Highly durable, aluminium silver covered surface
  • Plywood housing
  • Interior covered with hook and loop fabric
  • Interior of lid padded with convoluted foam
  • 9 mm rivets
  • 2 Butterfly latches
  • Sturdy aluminium rails
  • Professional chrome-plated ball corners
  • Chrome-plated RockCase logo
  • Inner dimensions: 77.5 x 47.5 x 11.5 cm
  • Includes self-adhesive hook and loop fastener for securing effects pedals

This is a really robust and sturdy case for your pedals. Butterfly catches do their job pretty well, you won't end up with accidentally opened case on the halfway to the stage. Upper and lower part fits together like charm so you certainly won't have problems with lining it up and closing it.

If you are a proffessional musician that's travelling all the time and depends on his pricey pedals for his tone then this pedal case is for you

You can easily see the quality at he first glance
aluminum structure will protect your pedals , enough room for all your effects pedals, pre-installed velcro will keep your pedals in place no matter what ,butterfly locks ensure that your case won't open accidentaly.