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Danelectro Longhorn '58 bas kitara

Danelectro Longhorn '58 bas kitara

Redna cena:313,68€
Prikazana je cena s popustom, ki velja ob spletnem naročilu ali plačilu z gotovino na blagajni. V ceno je vključen 22% DDV. Če ste kje na slovenskem spletu zasledili ceno, nižjo od naše, nam to sporočite. Potrudili se bomo biti najcenejši.

Danelectro Longhorn '58 bas kitara 

First made in 1958, this uniquely shaped short-scale bass with its extreme double cutaways give you ample room to groove and its lightweight laminate construction make it even easier to play for hours on end. Heard on countless recordings, this classic look is still sure to turn heads thanks to the body, headstock design and unique stacked volume/tone knobs.


  • 958 longhorn bass body shape
  • Body: Frame and centre block are made from plywood with a masonite top and bac
  • 29.75" short-scale neck
  • Number of frets: 24
  • Traditional bridge with single rosewood saddle
  • Two high output, high impedance lipstick pickups
  • Two stacked volume/tone control sets
  • No case included